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The Indian economy is growing and growing fast. India has always thrived on Entrepreneurship and a large bulk of the goods and services are delivered by private and public entrepreneurs.

A recent phenomenon is start-ups. Starting with IT services, startups now cover many areas including defence products and services, e-commerce, catering, hospitality, healthcare, communication, etc. Start-ups have also entered consumer goods in a big way threatening established players. A very recent area that is gaining momentum is organics goods.

A start-up is usually a work of passion. An entrepreneur has an idea and, in most cases, jumps in with a few friends and well-wishers to convert that idea into a robust business. If the idea is good and has a potential, the entrepreneur can get funding from angel investors or from professional venture capitalists.

Startups need substantial commitment, funds, and a strong belief in the vision. Startups are not for the weak minded.

At TalentPro, we keenly appreciate the entrepreneur spirit in the country and the idea of start-ups. As an established HR company, we have created a number of solutions for start-ups. Our start-up solutions cover a large number of areas and explained briefly here. For more details, please visit the page dedicated to each of the solutions we are listing below:

Payroll Solutions for Start-ups

Our payroll solutions is one of the most advanced and proven solutions in the country. Based on a technology that has evolved over 15 years, our payroll solutions follow all the required laws in the country irrespective of where you run you run your startup from. With multi-level process and audit checks, our payroll solutions are guaranteed to deliver 100% accuracy all the time.

Compliance Solutions for Start-ups

Irrespective of the kind of business you do, there are a number of State and Central laws you have to adhere to. The labour laws of the country are quite detailed and rules change depending upon number and level of employees. We handle compliance consisting of Provident Fund management, ESIC management, professional tax management and Labor Welfare Fund Management. Under labour compliance, we ensure you meet all the requirements of Shops & Establishment Act.

TalentPro has recently automated the compliance process reducing human error. We have compliance officers dedicated for each state and understand the local laws very thoroughly.

TalentPro follows very high ethical and moral standards when it comes to meeting the law. We are your best bet for compliance.

HRMS System for Start-ups

The TalentPro HRMS system is an advanced technology based solution that is well-established and proven in the market. The HRMS system is designed to cover the complete life cycle of an employee from recruitment all the way to retirement and post- retirement benefits.

TalentPro Start-up Solutions

As a startup, your primary need is to ensure that your idea generates revenue. You need to focus on the core business for quite some till your business gets well established.

TalentPro’s start-up solutions are designed to give you the freedom and time to focus on your core business. HR, payroll, salaries and leave management are all secondary services but do need careful handling. Let TalentPro handle all that with the expertise and knowledge we have built over decades.

Call us today to and we will work with you to ensure your idea becomes a success.

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Startup Solutions


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